Squeak T Dragon (anthrosaurian) wrote,
Squeak T Dragon

Nearly forgot I had one of these.. Anyhoo, about new pics and vids. :3

Okay, I've been getting lots of messages from fans (that is STILL so weird to actually say.. i have "fans"?) about when I'll be putting up images and videos of new plushies and inflates.. It's a bit of a lengthy explanation but here it goes:

I have to keep very busy doing odd jobs all over the place since no one seems interested in hiring Squeak for a real "job".. So, to make videos and pics a priority for Squeak, I'm sorry to say that it'd have to come with a price tag.. I wouldn't charge per pic or video, because that's just pushing it..

I'll be putting my paypal address down at the bottom for "donations only". This will be my pic and video "fund". As money is put into it, i'll be able to dedicate more and more of my time to putting up naughty content for all of you. Is that fair? (I'm biased, since i'm so low on income that i'm having to start selling stuff again to make it month to month >< ) If it isn't as fair as I'm thinking, offer suggestions to Twitter or YIM or whatever.. I'm out there listening whenever i can get the time to check my messages.


Now then.. Here's the part that people have alerted me to that I'm just kinky enough to really want to do.


Some people have offered to send me plushies of theirs to "play" with, and take vids and pics with.. This content I'm willing to offer up for free because.. well... there's really nothing better than showing a very loved plushie of someone else's a "very good time", in my honest opinion. Or if you wish the content to be solely for your eyes only, then of course it shall be so.

Um, I don't have a great deal of experience getting all the details straightened out, so if you have questions, please feel free to ask and I'll edit and add in any additional info that is required ^.^

My Paypal addy is:
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